This student conference, organized by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Szeged, is about the phenomenon we call America – as we see it from across, from Europe. Some possible topics, or perspectives could be the differences, or the similarities between them. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for young researchers to socialize and get to know to their peer’s research and research methods, to strengthen ties within the academic community of early-career Hungarian and to enrich the Hungarian understanding of American culture.

We expect applications from BA, MA and doctoral students, as well as doctoral candidates whose research may be related to the New World. Primarily, we are looking for proposals from those specialized is philosophy, literature, linguistics, psychology and history, but topics from any other fields of research are welcome.

DATE: December 1-2, 2017.
LOCATION: University of Szeged, Faculty of Arts, Faculty’s Conference Room. (6722 Szeged, Egyetem u. 2.)

The conference has one section and THE PRESENTATIONS SHOULD BE ABOUT 20 MINUTES IN LENGHT, IN ENGLISH. As an interdisciplinary conference, the presentations should be introductory, while the papers more professional. The participation, either as a presenter or as audience, is free of fee.


To sign up, please send your abstract to:

FORMAL REQUIREMENTS OF THE ABSTRACT: MS Word document one page length, A4 size, with justification, Times New Roman 12 pt font size, 1,5 space. The abstract must contain the name and the institution of the presenter, the title of the presentation, the reasoning and the main references. The professional criterions of the acceptance of the abstract are to fulfill the formal requirements, the conceptual and professional purity and the justification of the topic in relation to the main theme.

FEEDBACK until November 20, 2017. 

Organizers: Sándor Nagy & Ferenc Szabó
Phone: +36 30 670 3144 & +36 30 202 4693